Sweaters & Silks

Any sweater, any size.  A must have for and silks or satin's.  Click below to see the difference!

  • Prevent and Remove Hanger Marks
  • Are inexpensive
  • Easily snaps onto hangers
  • Protect garments
  • Have a non slip surface  
  • Are light weight
  • Are made of 100% recycled material
  • Work great for storing seasonal clothes

What are No-Pucks?

Blouses & Suits

Use any variety, size, shape or color hanger in your closet. No-Pucks™ will fit just about every plastic hanger in your closet

Remove Hanger Marks on:

Why You Need No-Pucks™


Remove hanger bumps on:

Laundered shirts, blouses, sweaters, polo's, blazers, t-shirts,sport shirts, fine silks and satins, wind breakers, military uniforms, scrubs, coats, sport coats, lab coats, and much more.


Sport Shirts & Polo's

Trust us, these things really work!

Hanger  Marks

Simply put, No-Pucks™ are plastic hanger attachments that prevent and eliminate unsightly hanger marks.

No-Pucks work on most plastic hangers and have been designed to remove shoulder bumps on just about every garment the come across.

Remove Shoulder Marks with No-Pucks!

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